exigent [ek-si-juh nt]

requiring immediate action, urgent, pressing.
imperative, critical, needing great effort.

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Healthcare organizations are frequently dealing with renovations and new construction projects that are time-sensitive and management intensive. These projects are often needed to reconfigure existing space, or to accommodate new functions or newly-acquired physicians. It can be difficult for the organization to determine a reliable timeline and budget, and a disproportionate effort is required on the part of the organization’s administration and facility management staff if these projects are to be finished quickly and on budget.

Exigent was created to address these very projects. Led by an ACHA board-certified healthcare architect and an ASHE-certified healthcare constructor, Exigent offers a comprehensive design and construction solution that utilizes a transparent, integrated design and construction process to provide an early determination of cost and an accelerated construction schedule. We will free up you and your staff to attend to other operational and strategic efforts.

A Proven Process

Phase I – Scope Definition and Design

Phase II – Integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction

A Predictable Process with a Focused Outcome

We have a unique approach

There are many delivery methods for healthcare design and construction. The traditional design-bid-build delivery process requires the Owner to contract first with design professionals, who ultimately prepare final design and construction documents that are then bid by multiple general contractors. The process can be adversarial and, due to its sequential nature, it is time-consuming.

We offer an integrated project delivery process where a single contract between Exigent and the Owner is prepared for design and construction. With this approach, we have developed a process that we know can reliably provide a definitive budget early in the design process (often within days of an initial kickoff meeting), with an integrated fast track schedule for procurement and construction of the project. Compared to the traditional design-bid-build process, where your actual costs are not confirmed until after the Construction Documents are completed and the project is competitively bid, we will be able to reduce budget uncertainty and shorten the overall project schedule by months.

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